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Talent has no borders
Starting our professional career in a small country, it felt like great opportunities were reserved for others. Exciting projects were entitled to developers in global tech centers. What usually came to our hands were outdated technologies and tedious projects.

We decided to do something about this. We built Talenthaus with the vision to bring equal opportunities to developers everywhere. We built it for us, and for everyone else who’s been caught in the trap of being a second-rate citizen in the software world.

Our community welcomes members from all over the globe, helping them join amazing remote teams, grow professionally, and be recognized as technology leaders.
  • 100% remote It doesn't matter where you're from or where you're living, we're 100% remote.
  • Higher compensation You are at the top of your field and that demands equitable pay. You will be compensated more than you would locally.
  • Career Growth Grow rapidly by working on challenging technical and business problems on the latest technologies.
  • Long-term Opportunity If a project you're working on is coming to an end, we aim to make sure that another one is lined up for you to start on.
  • Exclusive Community In joining Talenthaus, you join an awe-inspiring community of developers, designers and much more
  • Choose Your Employer With us, you get the freedom to choose your employer from the organizations
Work with brands that make a difference
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Become a part of our growing community
Whether you're an experienced freelancer, well-versed in the specifics of remote work, or looking to leave the so-called stability of an office-based role in search of freedom and ownership of your work, our members and their journeys to Talenthaus are truly inspiring.
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    Talenthaus's process is transparent and the service is very committed to helping the candidate. The opportunities are all top-notch. Mateo QA Engineer
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    The fact that Talenthaus adds some benefits that are not common in other international contracts is something very impactful. And there is also the compensation: when you earn a dollar-based salary, you obtain a higher value from your work. Jorge NodeJS Developer
  • “For me, Talenthaus is a friendly team, a flexible working schedule, interesting projects, new experiences, on-time financial compensation, and stability with freedom at the same time.” Irene UX/UI Designer
  • “While also working on projects myself, Talenthaus has allowed me to assemble a team of junior to mid developers in Harkov and help me grow professionally.” Oleksiy Kotlin Developer
Frequently asked questions
Do you charge a fee for registering with Talenthaus?
No, there are no charges for the registration process.
How is Talenthaus different from other freelance platforms?
Talenthaus is not at all like freelancing or gig platforms which mostly focus on short-term, project-based opportunities and expect freelancers to bid for projects; we know this often becomes a race towards the bottom price. At Talenthaus, our objective is to connect top talent with full-time, global remote job opportunities. Here you'll get long-term, employment-like opportunities. We make sure to attract and onboard only those clients/ global companies that are looking to hire talent for the long term.

- You open doors to long-term and full-time global opportunities
- You can earn 1.5X compared to your local market salary.
- We will provide you with a chance of working on exciting projects for global companies.
- Flexibility of choosing your clients to select your space of work.
- We provide dedicated Talent Success Coaches to ensure that everything from your well-being to career growth and development is taken care of.
How to become a Talenthaus developer?
1) Create your profile
It's extremely quick and easy! Just tell us a little bit about yourself and your career path.

2) Tell us what you like
Take a look at all of our open roles and let us know which ones interest you the most!

3) Get matched to the best opportunities
Based on the interests you selected, our matches will reach out when your profile matches an open role and we will immediately start your recruitment process!

4)Find your dream job
Work where you want, the way you want, and let us take care of the red tape for you.
What are the tests that I need to pass?
After uploading your resume, you will have to go through the three tests -- seniority assessment, tech stack test, and live coding challenge. Once you clear these tests, you are eligible to apply to a wide range of jobs available based on your skills.
What kind of work is avaliable?
We are always in search of the best tech talent. If you have a technology background, skills and experience, and wish to join Talenthaus, let us know by registering your interest. We will get in touch with you immediately if your profile matches any of the openings at global companies registered with us. If there is no opening for your skillset currently, we shall undoubtedly approach you as soon as there is one.
Will I have a say in choosing the employer?
We will connect you with various employers if your skill matches their requirements. You will have the flexibility to decide whether to work with a particular client or not.
Would you like to work with us?