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The service provides summaries of over 5,000 bestselling nonfiction books in fifteen-minute reads, otherwise known as Blinks, or book-in-blinks
Blinkist offers the best selection of nonfiction knowledge, all in an app that makes it easy to fit learning into your life. Through audio and text explainers called Blinks, original podcasts, and author-driven content, Blinkist is on a mission to help people turn ordinary moments into extraordinary learning opportunities—anytime, anywhere. We believe in innovation, collaboration, and diversity.
Why did you decide to hire a remote dev team of contractors?
We were in an immediate situation where we had to get skilled developers but were not able to find them quickly enough in the local area.
There are many options for hiring remote engineers. What made you choose Talenthaus?
Working with Talenthaus has been a great experience in helping me assemble a team of six coders in just two to three months. They are different from other individual agencies and platforms/marketplaces due to the speed of delivering profiles (within 24 hours), the number of profiles they present (up to ten in one batch), and the quality and professionalism in how they take care of requests (really professional attitude and a positive disposition).
Was hiring speed a decisive factor for you when choosing Talenthaus?
Right at the beginning, it was crucial for us to employ the first two developers without delay when we started our collaboration with Talenthaus. As time went on and we could plan our steps in advance, the need for speed wasn't so pressing, however, we still valued the expedient working relationship with Talenthaus.
What made you decide to hire these particular developers?
It is essential that the technology used and the expertise available are suited to our requirements.
What were Talenthaus’s most valuable qualities for you?
In a short span of time, I managed to assemble a group of six developers. They enabled me to quickly assess the quantity and quality of the developers that fit my requirements, as well as refine the hiring process. This speed and thoroughness would not have been achievable if I had gone with any other service provider.
Would you ask Talenthaus to source candidates for your projects again if there was a need?
We have frequently submitted, and we keep submitting, fresh orders to Talenthaus.