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Why did you decide to hire a remote dev team of contractors?
We needed to fill a vacancy for a developer rapidly, but we were not able to find anyone in the immediate area.
There are many options for hiring remote engineers. What made you choose Talenthaus?
Working with Talenthaus has been an incredibly positive experience for me. They were able to put together a team of six developers within a rather short time frame of 2-3 months. What sets them apart from similar services is the speed of their response (24 hours or less), the number of potential candidates they offer up to 10 people per request, and the level of professionalism and enthusiasm in the way they handle requests.
Was hiring speed a decisive factor for you when choosing Talenthaus?
At the beginning of our partnership with Talenthaus, having the first two developers on board as soon as possible was essential. Once we had a better idea of our plans, the need for speed reduced but we still valued the quick and efficient cooperation with Talenthaus.
What were Talenthaus’s most valuable qualities for you?
In a matter of weeks, I managed to assemble a team of six developers. They enabled me to gain an immediate insight into the caliber and amount of developers available for the position I required and improved the recruitment procedure. Without the help of any other provider, I could never have achieved such a swift and comprehensive result.
Would you ask Talenthaus to source candidates for your projects again if there was a need?
We have been frequently submitting new demands to Talenthaus and will keep doing so.