Wonolo - In-Demand Staffing Solutions for Businesses
Fast. Flexible. Staffing Reinvented. Wonolo, which stands for “Work Now Locally,” is an on-demand staffing platform that is changing the way businesses find talent for their immediate labor needs
Wonolo, it recognize the barriers that make it difficult for people to find fulfilling work and for companies to find quality workers. They believe that there’s a better way to connect people and jobs. A transparent way that brings together people from diverse backgrounds. An equitable way that aims to make broad job opportunities available to everyone. A versatile way that supports flexibility for workers and businesses alike. That’s why Wonolo exists. They’re passionate about solving these problems with a technology platform that enables people to choose work that works for them instead of the other way around. If you are a worker looking for a new opportunity or a company looking for on-demand staffing solutions, you can look Wonolo.
Why did you decide to hire remote development contractors?
This capability enables us to expand our team rapidly when projects become more demanding.
What value do these particular contractors deliver to the project?
It is necessary to have skilled software engineers in order to achieve the desired business objectives.
What do you value most about Talenthaus?
The capabilities that our Engineers possess that they have acquired from Talenthaus are remarkable.
Would you ask Talenthaus to source candidates for your projects again if there was a need?
Yes, Absolutely. We were completely satisfied with their service.