Hire a dedicated team
of exceptional engineers

Scale your IT department without stress. Hire a brand new team that feels like they’ve always been there.

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Scale faster with Talenthaus
Talenthaus doesn’t just scale your team, it is your team. We can put together a fully prepped remote team in one to weeks. We handle everything.
  • exceptional-talent-only Talent acquisition We find and vet skilled engineers and ensure they’re ready to start your project on short notice.
  • quick-time-to-hire Team building We hand-select the engineers best suited for your project.
  • leading-technology-platform IT Our team seamlessly integrates into your IT department.
  • reduce-expenses HR We handle payroll, benefits, compliance, and onboarding.
Staff Augmentation
Benefits of hiring a Talenthaus distributed team
A dedicated development team is an autonomous group of software engineers, developers, product managers and designers that is assigned exclusively to manage the software development process for an external organization.

By working with a dedicated development team, you access talent with the precise expertise needed to overcome challenges and meet your projects demands. This model provides a set of skills that your in-house team may lack or work jointly to attain your business goals. They work alongside your company staff to create and maintain software of the highest quality.

Building a dedicated development team requires the perfect combination of roles, talent, and skill set, together with the right work environment. Only this way will your organization be able to successfully execute on a project.
  • Fast, easy hiring We already found, vetted, and trained highly skilled engineers, so you don't have to. Choose from a verified shortlist of qualified engineers instead of scouring the internet. Your team is ready.
  • Seamless collaboration Our engineers are experienced collaborators ready to join forces with your team. They have the skills necessary to advance your product across all stages of development.
  • Quick integration You don't have to deal with the costs and administrative overhead of traditional employment, but you get a loyal team of dedicated, full-time engineers regardless.
  • Low turnover rate We provide professional development and people-experience support, leading to happier staff who stay on your project longer and do their best work. Talenthaus will be here for the long haul.
How We Vet Developers
Hire the top 2% of 250K developers from 25+ countries who have applied to Talenthaus.
Step 1
Self-assessment quiz
Every month, we receive thousands of applications. Prior to taking the first step in the application process, applicants answer questions about their background and professional experience in a quiz.
Step 2
Technical quiz and screening interview
Our screening interviews are based on fact rather than on opinion because we use a technical quiz to gauge the applicant’s technical expertise. We assess the applicant’s professional experience, English proficiency, and soft skills.
Step 3
Code test
At Talenthaus, promising applicants must pass a difficult coding test, using the language and framework they desire to work with.
Step 4
Technical interview
An in-depth 1-hour technical and problem-solving skills evaluation is performed by our engineering managers.
Step 5
Final review
We ensure consistency throughout the vetting process by completing a full review of each stage.
Step 6
Onboarding & ongoing review
Our community managers welcome our newcomers and help them with practicalities. We also have thorough reviews of all our developers to ensure high-quality network density.
Manage your remote team members
with powerful dashboard
Get the visibility on your workforce’s productivity and performance you need to enable remote working with total peace of mind.
The best remote staff management tool you've ever seen
Accurate time tracking so you always know what remote teams are doing
Managers have total peace of mind that their teams are working productively:

- Automatically verify employee attendance and timesheets for billing with non-intrusive and automatic time tracking.
- Create work schedules and manage schedule adherence - get alerts and give managers and staff access to real-time dashboards.
- Keep records of websites and applications employees use and enable managers to see what their teams are doing in real-time.
Remote staff can prove what they've done to get recognition
Enable staff to prove to managers they have completed work, adhered to schedules, and met compliance and security guidelines.

- Optional timed screenshots and screencasts provide audit trail of what employees are doing, for compliance and security.
- Time and attendance tracking for all staff brings accountability - allow staff to work from home with total peace of mind.
- For staff, it means they get recognition for the work they do, improving employee experience and boosting retention.
Improve employee wellness and reduce burnout
Identify employees who are at the highest risk for burnout and where changes can be made to encourage more work-life balance and flexibility.

- Identify who is being overworked and is at the highest risk for burnout with our Work-life Balance widget.
- Track attendance, compare workloads, and monitor absenteeism for signs of disengagement or potential health issues.
- Empowering employees with flexible work schedules increases engagement and retention.
Identify and solve productivity issues remotely
Help everyone to be more productive by sharing data across and between teams.

- Real-time dashboards and custom reports give you visibility of your teams’ productivity and insights into how to get better.
- Build performance benchmarks, compare individuals and teams, and identify training and performance gaps.
- Find and remove inefficiencies by optimizing processes and workflows - and even understand what to automate.
The future is in remote working and
Talenthaus is now making this possible!
  • 45 % of employees are more productive
    at home due to fewer distractions
  • 74% of companies plan to permanently shift employees to
    remote work after the pandemic ends
  • 37K USD per employee per year savings when
    remote work is offered full time
Case Studies
Explore case studies from companies with similar challenges
Multinational Restaurant Aggregator and Food Delivery
Zomato provides information, menus and user-reviews of restaurants as well as food delivery options from partner restaurants in select cities. As of 2019, the service is available in 24 countries and in more than 10,000 cities
  • Derek Reyes
    "Working with Talenthaus is a first class experience. They have a very professional and goal-oriented team who take the time to really understand our needs."
  • Omer Asik
    "Every time we asked Talenthaus for a developer, we had a great employee who started writing code the next day. Writing an email to Talenthaus and having a 20-minute meeting was all we needed to do to get started."
  • Petr Velch
    "When we started working with Talenthaus with remote developers, the process became more manageable for us."
  • Tim Rehn
    "They built a distributed team of 5 people in just 1 month, including UI/UX designers and developers with expertise in React.js and Node.js."
  • Vesly Pitr
    "We requested React and Python developers for our upcoming project. I didn't expect the process to be completed so fast."
  • Adam Grith
    "For really solid developers, the level of competitive service and customer support Talenthaus provides has been outstanding."

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